Assisting …even in a suicide


Dignitas ADC

There is probably hard to find someone who does not know the Switzerland as one of the great tourism destinations. But what is not so much popular and not all Swiss are happy with is the image of the country as one of the best ‘suicide tourism’s destination.

As one of the very few countries in the world where assisting the suicide is permitted, the Swiss develops this unique tourism for those looking to end the hell of their own suffering and to die in pace. By Swiss law, the assistance dying is permited, if it is not based on “selfish” motives and is granted in a passive way, such as providing medications, allowing some one to end his life.

In some 10 years up to 2009, only Dignitas, the not-for-profit assisted suicide organisation in Pfäffikon, ZH has helped more of 1,000 people to die1. According to the Journal of Medical Ethics, AFP and the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Zurich, the number of foreigners who traveled to here to commit suicide has doubled in the period from 2008 to 2012. Some 611 people from more of 30 countries used the aid, mostly from Germany (268) and UK (126), followed by citizens of France (66), Italy (44), USA (21), Austria (14) and Canada (12).  The decided to die in this way were aged 23 to 97 years (mean age 69 years), the study said.

What makes people to become “tourists to the death”? People asking for such service are mostly who have an incurable, progressive disease. On first place of the reasons are neurological problems (almost half of the cases), followed by cancer and rheumatic disorders.

The Swiss law allows assisted suicide, but not euthanasia. What’s the difference, someone may ask. It’s that the person who wants to die must actively take the death-dose himself. For those who are unable to lift the glass with the drug to their lips, there is a machine working with a press of a button… It is not a cheap service and the average price is going above € 4’600 ($ 5’000) even there are cases people paid less for.




Financial Hub or Geld Fabrik

One of the successfully fabricated myths about Switzerland is as a country which is between the most attractive in the world for investment. In the financial circles, Zürich is the undisputed central European financial hub and among the top five globally. Is it really so?

Back in the time, the country’s transformation into a financial paradise ends with the attracting of the industrial capital of Germany which must be saved because of the start of the World War II. Many point to this as a starting point, but in a fact with attracting the German capital, Switzerland saves its neutrality, against the responsibility to manage and multiply the War’s money of the Nazi Germany and also the money of the War’s victims. What is more important there is the fact that this is the starting point of the worldwide biggest ever misuse and abuse of money. Till today, there is no other nation in the world who has the historical luck and happiness to manage the money of wholes nations. No one, except the Switzerland has the privilege to charge almost the half of the money owners worldwide for managing their asset and those without the money owners to have other than Swiss as a choice. Period. And turn point in the money history. It is the golden time for the small Swiss.

The truth about is that Switzerland is not ready to manage such amount of money at this time. There is not enough professionals, labor force and financial structures in the country, etc. This lack of sufficient professionalism and ability to work with uncontrollably growing at times cash volumes has left its traces in the Swiss banking industry even till today…

As almost any (other kind of) industry, the banking is imported in the Switzerland, not made by. But the Swisses are good at the import of what they need of and in the sub-rental of foreign asset and in the charging of foreigners at higher possible rates. The money is not exclusion. In addition, the country’s industry capital is not enough, the infrastructure need to be develop and the War makers needs money to produce more weapons…

It is the time in which the modern money management system is born. It is the first time so much of the others’ money is hold in one country only and this ‘money superpower’ is concentrated in few hands only.

In nowadays, the country is not among the top then easy to start a business jurisdictions. Is not between the top then of the best countries for business and is ranked only twentieth place in the world ranking of doing business.

With a combined income tax rate that can reach 41.5% and a combined corporate tax rate up to 24.0% it seems the ‘attractive’ is not the best to be used.

With being among the countries that are with the highest expenses of living and buy/rent a home worldwide, what the h* is the ground to be named ‘investment attractive’?

to be continued

Sweet and Stinky

Not only the money smell. Some countries has a smell you couldn’t forget. Sure the sweet Swiss is on the top again. You couldn’t forget it and the most important …. you couldn’t avoid it.

Once the summer begin, a smell is all around you – on the high way, in every city except in the metropolis, any were. No chance to escape from. And it isn’t the smell of chocolate, not the smell of the fruits, vegetables or the flowers. (Except the chocolate, the rest ones does  not smell at all. But it’s another theme.)

It is the smell of  cow manure and rotting grass… From Chiasso to Basel and from St. Gallen to Geneva it’s that smell which made impossible to open the window of the car and what press you to go fast out from the gas station and forget you wished to get a coffee break just two minutes before…

Whit so much technology innovations today, I am wondering each summer how and why it is possible. In the best to live in European country  simply stinks and how…