The 10 Swiss Myths

Nr. 1: The Wealthy Island

The myth which is born because of the well working Swiss propaganda only. There are many speculation about the great living standard of the people who are living in the Switzerland. All those who follow blind those statement simply forget to think.
A simple comparison with countries like Norway, Sweden, even UK or exceptionally with Andora, Monaco and Liechtenstein will help to find that the Switzerland is actually not one of the best but only try to (be presented to) be. Yes, there is a high living standard but not for all and yes, there are some high volume of high paid professionals but in few industries only. Finally, sure there is a guaranteed greater social and existence minimum then in many other countries. And that is still not enough to claim and to pretend that this is between the most wealthy countries in the world.

The country has one of the oldest buildings, in Europe and above 65% are 100+ years old. The country has one of the most complicated road structure and traffic without any sign for solution in the nearest future. The country is one of the most depending of others countries natural resources and its national economic is in a exceptional high dependance of the export of the domestic made goods. Its current currency development actually put at risk the small and mid-sized enterprises and the average swiss citizens under increasing pressure… to survive which in their language means to keep their standard in the same level as before the Swiss frank is going up.


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