Swiss Bankstering

Where the Swiss Wealthiness is coming from?
The country with the greatest number of banks per capita started a new Money March, “Save The Swiss Gold”. What’s going there?
Just few years before the II WW and during the war, the paradise has concentrated not just the European but the world’s money and gold. What is changed in the time after and till the today’s campaign “Save The Swiss Gold”, in 2014 year? Where is the Gold?

Since 2000 year, the Swiss National Bank SNB sold more of the half of its gold reserves(1). In 14 years only!

Then, there are too much signs that the Swiss franc is already overvalued against the euro and the STSG campaign should give the Swiss National Bank a chance to cover the extremely raising costs of keeping the Swiss currency on the same high level.

Finally, in the tax avoiding scandal, more of 180 Swiss banks (means about the half of all Swiss banks) are under suspicion, one of the oldest private bank closed and the guiltiest must pay in billions to USA. Is really the Swiss banking system the best in the world? Or even between the best?

“Schulden von heute sind die Steuern von morgen” – sagt Ulrich Schlüer, der Zürcher Nationalrat. / Debt of today are tomorrow’s taxes.  How the guilties are going to pay for?…

What already out of doubt is, the campaign could not help to return the Swiss gold back in the country. Because the foreign tresors and mainly the USA ones are … empty. And those from a long time. Sure the Swiss bankers have no illusion about. The question is what they are going to do after it is publicly proved. Who, to whom, how much will have to pay then?…

I suppose, the new Money March will be the hardest ever lesson the USA banksters will receive from the Swiss banksters. I am sure, the main scene of the spectacular Money War between the Old Wealth and the Mafia-like wealth is to be in the following year. Don’t miss it out.


to be continued


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