Any country has what to be proud with but just few countries in the world today have the reputation as great places to live and to do business in. Are these countries really deserve their reputation? Is it a truly natural the way they are came on the top? Or it is more about their well-functioning propaganda machines? Are these countries really so great to live and doing business there?

It seems, we forget that just like the humans, any country has its ‘bad’s and beauty’s’ and the darkness’s are not between the preferred to be shared with the others. But exist. Even we well know the Swiss Chocolate have additives and preservatives just like any other chocolate – which means it’s not less dangerous, but we go ahead to eat it just because of the Swiss Chocolate Brand we are falling in love with.

This blog is about the dark side of the Switzerland. The only country with many names and called in addition ‘The Paradise’. The no-war country where every man hold his gun life long. The only country made his country name a brand. The country which showed how you can establish a state from scratch and how the propaganda could transform the opinion of not only the own folk but the world opinion about you. Just like its many names, the Switzerland has different faces, depend of who are you, where are you coming from and how much is your worth. There are many signs, even on a every day level, that the country invest in its reputation more than in its own folks. In too many ways the every day life of the Swiss people is far away of the established paradise-like image of the country. Unfortunately, the Swisses are paying now the price of the international reputation of the country as the Isle-Of-Wealth in the heart of Europe. We couldn’t avoid the Swiss darkness any more. It is better to met it now to could see and enjoy the light again.

It is about the dark Swiss in its every-day-life where the world’s Swiss reputation has nothing to do with.


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