Halal Schweiz

With the purpose to make money, it is hard to believe that someone could be more “innovative” than the Swiss business men. 

There are above one million Muslims in the country, most of which are concentrated in few cantons. When you go to the shopping parks on Saturday, you could spare all of your shopping time without to hear another language than Albanian or Turkish ones and will be happy to see any local citizen, doesn’t matter how friendly or not s/he is.

We are not surprised any more with all the kinds of duner and kebab fast foods like small restaurants,  even with the “Bauch Tanzen” (oriental music) night clubs or Shisha – clubs (Nargile plus… God know what more). It is a part of our everyday life, all these belong to some of “them” not us.

But, what if you wish to make a trip through the lake and instead of “GrĂ¼ezi” you hear “Salam Alaikum”?! And you see around nothing but only Burkas and focused on you not so friendly men’s eyes?! 

My first reaction was that maybe I made a mistake and am on the wrong place. But it is generally impossible,  except I become Alzheimer. This lake is one of the my favorites and I use any chance to go there.

In the time I saw “Halal Barbecue Cruise” I suppose that some of “theirs” riches make a Birthday’s or some other party. Wrong again. My last trial was that maybe there is a new market niche “they” ocuppyied, just like the fast food, cars repair,  cleaning, etc. 

Actually, it was more than I could imagine. The “smart business idea” belong to the owner of the cruis business!(1)

And when the numbers talk,  nobody could be before some Schwitzer. The calculation is simple – the time of the Ramadan is too long and the Muslims have not where to go at this time, since the all restaurants (incl. theirs!) offer alcohol and pigi meal… 

Right to the target! The Halal Tourism on the lake is here. And to make the things perfect,  the all offered through the Cruis food is “Halal”.

Hmm,  could be really halal foods produced in the Switzerland? Or it is all imported from Germany or France,  Belgium,  etc. already very “halal friendly” countries. (And  forget the last news from there as fast as you can, here is the Interlaken reality…)

Where is food caming from?! No problem and the price is also not under question – those cruises are not for the poor “Gastarbeiter” who are working in the low paid construction industry. 

The food is sourced and there are already local Halal producers and importers (even it is not very clear how much halal are the goods they offer). In the heart of the Switzerland,  is booming – and those with a strong competition a new “Halal tourism” industry (2). The muslim tourists are gaided to the Halal Tourism lake region before to came in the country still. One of the biggest local milky products, if not the biggest is offering more of 200 halal goods! 

In money we serve! That’s the true Swiss religion from the time this country has believed in God and was the poorest one in Europe. The unrest and the ban on the Burkas in Tessin, the fears and the ban on building minaret are well forgotten. Viva la Burka, Viva la Grills. 

It is just a question of the time, above million muslims (don’t believe the official statistics which state they are about  half milion, “they” are almost tripled)  to wish the “Halal Culture” and the Koran to be teach in all this Swiss schools with dominated muslim foreigners children. That’s the truly unique “democracy model” made-in -Switzerland.

Alaikum Selam,  Schweizern!


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