The Game of Machers

So far the war of fines is done, I couldn’t believe it is the End of the game. It seems to me that the Panama Papers scandal is a part of the same war and we will see the third Serie of the same game  in shortly. 

Even the Swiss banks are not alone in paying fines to the FED but they are the main source of free money for the debt overhelmed USA.

The exploded Panama Papers scandal seemed to target corrupted politics, but is it really so? If you look in deep on the list of providers of the offshore incorporation services, the Swiss are the biggest European provider. And those means only one – powerful capital connections,  more large cap clients and bigger market share for the Swiss Wealth management industry. (And no cake for USA). With current shares of almost 30% of the worldwide investment banking and wealth management and above 35% of the all world capital under Swiss management (in the country and abroad) is clear what the USA pain is and why by any part of the War of the Machers, the biggest target under fire is the Switzerland. 


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