Oath vs. Behaviors

I am always wondering how far could the stupidity go. In the stable way from one to other scandal,  the banks made their haut more hard and even the scandals they are making their money again and again. Some young people suppose there should be a kind of oath, just like the Hippocratic one to improve the bankers’ behaviors (1).

Is there still some body who don’t know the started in 2008 financial cri(s)me series are right because of the banking behavior to produce future’s debts? And right the bigger from the world top 25 banks are between the guilties for the all that Subprime, Libor, Currency, US-tax, Too-big-to-fail, etc. scandals.

Looking back there are almost 10 years we are living with the biggest financial frauds ever but … there is a silence in the room.

I wish to have the time to summarize the all amount of penalties paid in the last 10 years only by those ‘too-big’s and to ask to see some proof of the words of the UBS speaker who say they make enough profits and provisions for possible further penalties and so the customers’ money is safe.

I wish to have the voice of the power to say to the world that when those who should keep the people’s money in safe is who robe it there shouldn’t be any mercy and the banks must be placed back to they are started from and under totally different kind of regulations. With no exclusions.

As an European citizen,  I am not agree to find right in this time of financial crisis,  the EU commission spend almost € 1 B EUR just for its bank building and from other side ask for additional money its members countries. And I am not agree to have the EU variant of the FED, too.

As an Swiss resident, I believe that with almost half of the all Swiss banks in the watch list because of the tax affair, sure there is not a base to not be afraid there is something wrong in the banking system of the country.

Are there still people who trust the banks? Or the right question should be what alternatives to the banks have or need the people today to could really choose from…


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