Sweet and Stinky

Not only the money smell. Some countries has a smell you couldn’t forget. Sure the sweet Swiss is on the top again. You couldn’t forget it and the most important …. you couldn’t avoid it.

Once the summer begin, a smell is all around you – on the high way, in every city except in the metropolis, any were. No chance to escape from. And it isn’t the smell of chocolate, not the smell of the fruits, vegetables or the flowers. (Except the chocolate, the rest ones does  not smell at all. But it’s another theme.)

It is the smell of  cow manure and rotting grass… From Chiasso to Basel and from St. Gallen to Geneva it’s that smell which made impossible to open the window of the car and what press you to go fast out from the gas station and forget you wished to get a coffee break just two minutes before…

Whit so much technology innovations today, I am wondering each summer how and why it is possible. In the best to live in European country  simply stinks and how…


One thought on “Sweet and Stinky

  1. Being eco friendly I cycle to work, the other day I nearly vomited after getting trapped between two fields of shit and already out of breath from cycling too hard, I thought I was going to expire. I still like it here more than anywhere else, perhaps because I am a cyclist.


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