Dirty Stains and Double Standards

Schmutzige “Flecken” und doppelte Standard

Beautiful nature and site seens which leave you breathless, extra ordinary order every where and up to the small things, smiling people who greet you with a smile and “good day for you”, doesn’t matter you don’t know each other, …  Welcome to the Paradise, welcome to the Switzerland! Your first impression of the country and its people is like you are at some place which could be your home for life long… It could be… or ….

Could it be?

Some months later you start to capture signals that you will not like it… After a year of living here, you will find there is a double standard – one for the Swiss citizens and another one for the Foreigners – for you. After few years spend in the “Wealthy Insel”, you will know there is a double standard for the Swiss citizens itself… Depend of how deep are your relations with the locals, you will start to explore how you are for-ever-different and why the “Great Insel” has or has not a pation towards you… It is all about how much you are ready to accept the Switzerland so as it is…

Which mean you should accept the darkSwiss, too. Enjoy your stay at darkSwiss and you are welcome any next time, too. Without a doubt, Swiss maid has a great mean. And without doubt, there is much to be done still. Just like in any other country.


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